Effect of forest fire on microbial biomass & diversity

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Effect of forest fire on microbial biomass & diversity

Post by devanshi27 » 04 Jul 2017, 04:06

Hi everyone ,
My research topic is effect of forest fire on microbial biomass and diversity in uttarakhand ...can anyone suggest me the sampling strategies i sud follow for my research and how can i take this topic to the phd level

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Post by user » 04 Jul 2017, 09:44

This seems like a good topic for a PhD. It is good to know that you are planning your sampling strategy at the beginning of the work. Such as analysis is generally done on spatial and temporal samples to make maximum sense in a statistically significant numbers. I presume that fire effect on microbiota must be examined elsewhere, and you should look at as many as of those possible.

I would presume you would get better suggestion in this forum if you tell a bit more about what is your hypothesis that you are going to test.

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