Please read: Is this is right forum for your post?

Feel free to use this forum to test how posting works. We wipe it clean at regular intervals.
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Please read: Is this is right forum for your post?

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Welcome to “Career Assist”

Please make sure that this is the right forum for your post. As posting in the wrong forum will result in your topic not being seen by the people who can contribute to it best, please be sure to choose the forum that best fits your issue. Below is a list of different forums with their descriptions.

Career Assist
Introductions: A place for our new members to introduce themselves.
Suggestions, comments and support: A forum to help us improve and be more effective. Suggestions for a new forum are welcome.
Whiteboard: Feel free to use this forum to test how posting works. We wipe it clean at regular intervals.

IPhD in India ‐ Q&A: Questions and Answers related to pursuing PhD in India. Discuss scholarships, entrance examinations, interviews etc.
IPhD overseas ‐ Q&A: Be it GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT or simply what is required to get admission in the best university in your field. This is the perfect forum to discuss.
IPhD planning: A forum to discuss the best possible approach to finalizing an institute and the topic of research.
IPhD thesis preparation: Discuss the most efficient and professional way to approach thesis writing.
IPhD Defense: No matter how organised we are, we can always expect the unexpected! Ask and learn from others experience.
IMentoring graduate students: Need a mentor? Voice it here!!!!

Postdoc in India: Questions and Answers related to pursuing PDF in India.
Postdoc mentoring: Need a mentor? Voice it here!!!!
Planning postdoc overseas: A forum to assist in making an important decision in career. Country, University, Institute or Professor which one should I give more weightage?
Planning beyond postdoc: Confused? Start a discussion to help plan beyond your postdoc.

Technical discussions
These forums are to help initiate technical discussions in various science disciplines , be it theoretical, experimental or result oriented.
Computer sciences
Medical sciences
Physical Sciences
Social Sciences
Others -Topics related to other science disciplines.

Scientific communications and collaborations
Manuscript: Ask for tips to help you prepare better manuscripts. From a crisp introductions, compelling discussions to crystal clear conclusions.
Talk/Poster: Not sure how to fit all your hard work in a poster, or present it in 20 min discuss here.
Addressing editor/reviewer comments: Tips on what to keep in mind when addressing editor's/reviewer's comments.
Journals (good, bad & ugly): Not sure which journal to choose for quick decision, sure acceptance or savings on publication charges.
Upcoming conferences/workshops/courses: Advertise upcoming scientific events.

Jobs & Scholarships
CV or resume? And a good cover letter: A cover letter is as important as the resume. What is the difference in a CV and resume?
Overseas PhD scholarship advertisements: Please use this forum to advertise overseas PhD scholarship s. If you are looking for an overseas scholarship, please use the "PhD overseas Q&A" forum.
PhD scholarship advertisements ‐ India: Please use this forum to advertise PhD scholarships in India. If you are looking for a PhD scholarship in India, please use the "PhD in India Q&A" forum.
Open PDF positions in India: For advertisement of open PDF positions in India.
PDF positions ‐ overseas: For advertisement of overseas PDF positions.
Scientist positions ‐ India: What is required for a scientist position in India (Govt/Private). Advertise any open position here too.
Scientist positions ‐ overseas: What is required for a scientist position overseas. Advertise any open position here too.
Govt science jobs: Any other scientific jobs in government departments (both India and overseas).
Industry jobs: Any other scientific jobs in industry (both India and overseas).

A step further
From science to business: To discuss innovation, intellectual property, field trials, prototyping, manufacturing, licensing, businessplanning, finance, revenue, startups etc.
Networking and collaboration: A forum to assist you in developing new networks and collaborations. Good luck.
Research Project Grants: Share and discuss national and international project funding opportunities. Please note that this section is not to discuss PhD or PDF scholarships.

The lounge
General chat: A place to simply chill out.
Creation or evolution?: Let us continue the origins debate (creationevolution controversy). This is one of our favorite forums!
Discussing books: Let us discuss books; only nonfiction please.
Food for the brain: A place for riddles, codes, teasers, puzzles etc.
Politics and science funding: Let us discuss the politics of science funding, and its implications on a society/country.
Pseudoscience and speculations: A place to discuss beliefs, theories, or practices that have been or are considered scientific, but have factual basis. You are welcome to be frank but in a civilized way.
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