Become reviewer and Editor

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Become reviewer and Editor

Post by msconnect » 06 Jul 2017, 07:03

I need to get some reviews done and become editor for some journals. How can I start and where can I get any help.


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Post by Aaryan » 06 Jul 2017, 12:48

This is a tricky one. You get request for manuscript reviews based on your expertise which is reflected by your publications as a corresponding author. Similarly, most of the journals invite you to be an editor.

Having said so, there are journals, which accept applications to be editors. Most of these journal are multidisciplinary open access journals. PLOS One is one of such journals - I am not sure of the current situation but it used to do it. Try looking for it.

Also new budding, predators journals are also always on lookout for Editors - be careful of those as being an editor on such journals really doesn't add much to your research portfolio.

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